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 Through Spelling Power's systematic, self-paced, and multi-sensory approach to spelling instruction, your students will master the 5,000 most-frequently-used  words. And they will master every word! Spelling Power's spiral curriculum design features six levels of built-in, spaced review that guarantees every word taught will be mastered. 

     When you add Spelling Power to you home school curriculum, your students will not just master the most frequently used words. Your students will also learn and review key phonetic principles and the most-consistently applied spelling rules. To be able to correctly spell words never before encountered, your students not only need to know the "rules," they must truly understand how and why these rules work. Spelling Power provides you with a huge variety of hands-on, inductive learning activities that will help you lead your students to "discover" how the English language works and how to apply phonetic principles and spelling rules.

     Spelling Power also gives you a series of fun, hands-on activities that will teach your students comprehensive dictionary skills ... from knowing the alphabet forwards and backwards to using the dictionary's entomological information. Using these lessons you will be able to show your students "how to look up a word when he doesn't know how to spell it!"  Because of how this section of Spelling Power is organized, you will often be able to teach dictionary skills to all of your students, no matter what grade at the same time, saving you valuable instruction time!. 

Give your students Spelling Power in only 15 minutes a day!

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An Introduction to the Spelling Power program

     Spelling Power's easy-to-implement proofreading approach helps you connect spelling instruction with the rest of your home school curriculum. Through this unique proofreading approach, you discover words from their own writing that need to be reviewed and learned. But Spelling Power's proofreading method is not limited to just improving their spelling, you will also be able to use it to improve every aspect of their composition skills. 

    Everything you need to give your students spelling skills to the college level is contained in the one, easy-to-use, step-by-step Spelling Power manual and accompanying teacher resources. Even if you are new to teaching, you will find Spelling Power is easy-to-understand. The step-by-step directions will make it easy for you to give your student spelling power in just 15 minutes a day. While it is easy to use, more experienced teachers don't feel talked down to. There are no scripts, just a basic daily format. It doesn't treat you like a robot, you maintain completely in control of the content and pace! 

     But how do I know if my child is ready for the Spelling Power program?

      One book for all ages... saving your most valuable resources: time, space and money!

     To add Spelling Power's comprehensive, self-paced, systematic, multi-sensory, approach to your curriculum, read more.

  • Bonus Spelling Power Teacher's Resource CD-Rom provides you with three valuable sets of  resources at the touch of your fingertips. The resources include masters to every form and worksheet used in Spelling Power that you can print from your own computer, the exclusive Spelling Power Searchable, Alphabetical Word List that you will use as part of the proofreading steps, and Spelling Power Digital Tutor you can use to give your student fun, effective drill.  (a $49.95 Value!)

  • Spelling Power now includes a FREE Quick Start DVD. After watching this one-hour video presentation, you will be able to jump right into using Spelling Power's basic research-proven procedures with all of your children over eight years of age. The printed Quick Start Introduction in your manual will serve as a handy step-by-step reference as you get started. Later, you can go back to read Spelling Power's more detailed instruction and additional program elements as you need to use them or as you find it convenient.  (a $9.95 Value!)

  • FREE! Lifetime Support via Spelling Power's User Help-Line. You can speak directly to Ms. Adams-Gordon via the telephone about using Spelling Power with your student up to once a week for as long as you legitimately own the curriculum. Simple Questions may also be submitted via e-mail, while more involved questions are best handled over the telephone.  ( a $125. and More Value!)

  • Spelling Poweer help on the internet24/7 Easy Access to Support via web-site based materials. You will find many informative articles on teaching spelling in general, sign-up for free internet "webinars" and chats, and download audio workshops, on the special Spelling Power User Pages. You'll also be able to learn where Beverly L. Adams-Gordon will be presenting live workshops and seminars and quickly find answers to "Frequently Asked Questions." To access these pages, all you have to do is register your Spelling Power book online. These pages are updated throughout the year, so be sure to check back frequently.  ($99.95 Value )

  • Free Quarterly Newsletter Subscriptions to the Spelling Power's Users Newsletter will help to keep you motivated, provide you with the latest information on spelling research and spelling instruction in the news,, review material in the teacher's manual, give answers to frequently asked questions, and provide you with new spelling skill-building activities. Delivered to your e-mail inbox four times per year.  (a $29.95 Value)

  • Spelling Power has a life-time Guarantee100% Money- Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked, unconditional guarantee that you will find Spelling Power to be an effective, comprehensive spelling program or we will return the cost of the book.  (Priceless!)


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     Video: An Introduction to Spelling Power Author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon

    Video: An Introduction to the Spelling Power program

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